This practices will keep safe form cybersecurity threats

In the last two decades, technology has changed our lives drastically. Today, Information is the key to every door and it is freely available. Every one of us has personally experienced passwords being hacked, important information/photos/media has been stolen or published on internet unknowingly, fraud transaction made from credit cards/debit cards or internet banking account etc. […]

5 benefits of BYOD & Virtulisation

BOYD (Bring your own device) Often people carries their own machines, mobile devices to offices, it is convenient to work on the own device rather than few more machines. Every company provides laptop & mobile to their executives, apart from the corporate devices we also have our own devices. Managing all these devices leads us […]

MULTITASKING, It’s Dangerous

  IF YOU CHASE TWO RABBITS… … YOU WILL NOT CATCH ETHER ONE. In computing, multitasking is a concept of performing multiple tasks (also known as processes) over a certain period of time by executing them concurrently. Professor Clifford Nass is known for his work on individual differences associated with multitasking. In Summer 2009, He […]