This practices will keep safe form cybersecurity threats

hackedIn the last two decades, technology has changed our lives drastically. Today, Information is the key to every door and it is freely available. Every one of us has personally experienced passwords being hacked, important information/photos/media has been stolen or published on internet unknowingly, fraud transaction made from credit cards/debit cards or internet banking account etc.

“Precaution is always better, then cure.”

Trust me Antivirus software will not always help you to stay protected because there will be always a new virus which may not have identified before. I am not a cybersecurity veteran but I follow basic things which have helped me so far.


  • Do not go for piracy, use genuine systems
  • Do not use free internet services such as Free Wi-Fi provided by Cafe’s, Cyber Cafe’s
  • Beware of Email Scams
  • Update your software periodically e.g. in case of windows update security patches
  • Back up your most critical data periodically
  • Turn off your Bluetooth if you’re not using it

Password Management
We associate yourself with many websites and application by creating signing up, remembering password which is generated using password generator or created according to password policy are difficult to remember, and we have to create this kind of password for dozens of a website. Now it becomes too critical to remember the password for each website.

Hmmm well, now we have to become creative to design this password so it will be easy for us to remember this password. We visited lots of places, people, things, events and many more such things which only we are aware of our self. Be creative with this memories replace words, characters, sentences with anything you can remember.

  1. Create each password carefully
  2. Two Factor | Use MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) using SMS or apps like (Authy or Google Authenticator)
  3. USB Authentication key’s
  4. Use Social signup or login whenever possible
  5. Password Managers (But I’ll not advise storing your important passwords such as Internet Banking or other sensitive passwords using such services.)

Devices Security:
While talking about app security I would like to highlight Two primary things

  1. Enable encryption on your PC & Mobile if possible
  2. Use PIN or Password’s instead of pattern locks
  3. Download only trusted and reputable apps
  4. Limit the information you share with apps
  5. Use built-in lock options
  6. Install an app that can securely wipe data

Untrusted app stores have lots of junk apps which are designed to extract information from your phones specifically Android apps and routed devices. can share information and capture information from other apps.

Internet Banking:
Safety of internet banking

  • Do not log in to internet banking account from public network e.g. free networks such as Cafes, Railway Stations, Libraries etc.
  • Do not access your account while travelling: why someone may be observing your activity or recording it
  • Do not share your pins with anyone
  • In case you have to share do not share it on phone or in public places
  • In case you have pin then choose 6 digits to pin instead of 4 digit pin

Email Scams:
You must be aware of a Ransomeware attack, companies and people around the world have lost their important data, photos, videos etc. and to get it back they had to pay a huge amount to the attackers.

Many times it happens we get emails from some women from the corner of the world for claiming their property, attractive offers, donations for the sick child, surveys etc. which tempts us to click on the link given or download attached files… and we infect ourselves.

  1. Do not download those attachment docs, photos, audios etc.
  2. Check for the authenticity of the email by checking from email id
  3. Speak with the person first over call before downloading such attachments or navigating to the links provided with an email
  4. Don’t do internet banking transaction from the links provided in the email except for trusted contacts

Take away: This is not the exhaustive list, the only thing which will help you stay protected is your institution 😀 lol

But, seriously keep your eyes open…


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