5 benefits of BYOD & Virtulisation

BOYD (Bring your own device) Often people carries their own machines, mobile devices to offices, it is convenient to work on the own device rather than few more machines.

Every company provides laptop & mobile to their executives, apart from the corporate devices we also have our own devices. Managing all these devices leads us to go through lots of zamelas.

In my view specifically, Non-IT startups can get benefits by implementing BOYD policies, IT (software) startups may not get many benefits as lots of constraints while developing products.


1. Economies of Scale: Once IT infrastructure is virtualized the fixed cost of the IT equipment becomes variable. It straightaway reflects on your Break Even Point as your fixed overhead reduces. Buying physical hardware increases the cost of the asset which can be used for the rolling the money in business.

2. Reduce PC Refresh Cost: The pace of technological change leads organisations to change the hardware at every 1-2 years. VDI can be upgraded or downgraded at any given point of time and as it’s a cloud solution there is no upfront cost involved.

3. Secured & Encrypted: VM are more secure than a physical machine. In case of hardware failure physical machine needs diagnosis which requires time, there are low chances of hardware failure & same in case of virus attacks. Data is encrypted and can be stored on storage drive which assures the security of data.

4. Reduced Administration: There is no additional cost of administration as there is no physical machine user itself can handle the problems occurred on the individual machine, creating new machine is also very easy. As there are no machines, there is no need of dedicated system engineers.

5. OS Migration: If we look in past few years after 2010 there are lots of system application levels took place windows vista, windows 7, 8, 10 & 10.1 also on mobile front lots of operating systems came. Updating the system every time is time-consuming activity virtualisation gives you the freedom.

Solutions available:

AWS WorkSpaces, VMware Horizon Air & Citrix XenDesktop are the most known name for the desktop virtualization and cost effective service providers in the industry.


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